General Classes

Learn, Create, Perform 

Accessible classes for the fun of it! In genre specific classes, dancers are encouraged to explore the fun of movement, while learning the importance of structure, preparedness, technique progression and teamwork.

We strive to keep our class sizes small (4-15 students) so that each dancer can receive the individual attention they deserve! Classes include progressive technical instruction, creative improve and learning the ability to retain choreography.

Then it's time to perform! With practice and commitment, dancers build the confidence to perform with their group in a full theatre setting with costumes, lights and a cheering audience. Participation in the year-end show also teaches are dancers the importance of individual time management and commitment that imacts their peers.

Combine the musicality of dance and precise tricks of acrobatics in this dynamic style. Acro is defined by its athletic character and unique partnering choreography. Strength and flexibility are cultivated to build a well-rounded acro dancer in both beginner and advanced level classes.

acro dance classes

Ballet classes offer progressive syllabus and creative movement exploration that contribute to a dancer’s increased coordination, posture and perseverance. Often referred to dance’s most respected disciplines, ballet, asks dancers to take a disciplined approach to learning, but offered in a fun and nurturing environment.

ballet (2).jpg

Contemporary dance bridges the classical lines of ballet and body articulation of modern, offering a fluid movement style that encourages the creative thinking process. Dancers share emotive storylines in this style which asks dancers to express themselves authentically through movement. Contemporary is built on a strong foundation in technical dance styles such as ballet, modern and jazz.


Hip Hop
Modern and dynamic, hip-hop will get you groovin’ and the audience bouncin’ in their seats. This high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! Dancers will not only learn to strike poses on their feet, but also ‘get low’ and freeze on their hands, knees and any combination that creates and cool picture. Individual elements are mastered and then built upon to form complete, entertaining routines.


Get moving! Jazz is an upbeat and dynamic dance genre that incorporates groovin’ with fast turns and explosive jumps. Dancers will develop balance, coordination and performance projection in this energetic and uplifting style.


Create a musical masterpiece… with your feet! Tap dance can help build coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility. You’re sure to build a sweat and crack a smile in this technical dance style.

tap dance classes