Company Programs

Grow with us!

We are a place to grow. We are about supporting dancers and recognizing their potential both as artists and as people. This starts with acknowledging where each individual is at, and unlocking a training path to nuture their full potential.
Our pre professional training is for the committed dancer that is looking for a balance of technical styles with high caliber faculty and guest choreographers.

Advanced Auditions
Our auditions are specifically designed for dancers of all ages and ability levels.

Each year new dancers are given the chance to audition for our Company training programs. The audition process is simple and fun! Come take class with our fabulous students and talented faculty in a real day at The Landing Dance Centre. Sign up for as many classes as you would like and come enjoy our amazing state of the art facility with live video feeds to our lobby, where parents are encouraged to stay and view their dancers full audition.

Dancers should plan on attending a minimum of two audition classes including ballet and all other styles that best show their talent and ability. We encourage each new dancer to audition in the class style and age group that they feel most confident with. Following the audition, dancers will receive class placement and fall schedules that best suit their ability and talent. If a dancer is not accepted into one of our programs we will work with the parents to provide valuable feedback and recommendations for their dancer.